Air Ventilator

Manufactured by Trane


Trane Air Conditioners



Ventilation is critical for fresher, more comfortable air throughout your home. Trane FreshEffects is an energy-efficient way to handle lingering bad odors and improve the quality of the air inside your home.


  • Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • Trades indoor air with fresh outdoor air
  • 24/7 automatic ventilation


Cleaner, healthier indoor air

Exchanges stale indoor air for an equal amount of fresher outdoor air.

Increased comfort

Retains heat and moisture from exchanged air in winter, but pre-conditions and dehumidifies incoming air in summer—so your home is more comfortable year-round.

Energy efficient

Transfers energy from the air being exhausted from inside to the air being drawn in from outside, making for a more energy-efficient home.


Easy to use

Adjustable control provides 24/7 automatic ventilation

Durable construction

Cabinet is powder-coated. All component materials are rigorously tested for long-lasting performance and durability.


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