Earthwise™ Hybrid

Manufactured by Trane

Trane Air Conditioners



The XL16c EarthWise™ Hybrid allows you to best choose the most efficient fuel source for the temperature situation. It combines high-efficiency heat pump with a dual-stage furnace, and it’s all contained in one sleek cabinet.


  • Efficiency up to 16.60 SEER and 80% AFUE
  • Two-stage Climatuff® compressor
  • Dual fuel heating and cooling


Efficient performance

The Trane XL16c offers up to 16.60 SEER and 80% AFUE and is Energy Star qualified.

Year-round durability

Exclusive components like a two-stage Climatuff® compressor, the all-aluminum Spine Fin™ coil, Weather Beater™ top, and the variable-speed Vortica™ blower motor with Comfort R™ will deliver the sustained performance you expect year after year.

Quiet operation

Ultra-quiet operation delivers comfort without disrupting your home environment.


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